What you need to do on our service to earn?

We pay to users for viewing ads on the site, on the pages “earning now”
and “additional points”.
You need to go to these pages once a day and watch advertising on each
of them for three minutes.

For viewing you get “points”. One “point” for one page.

Once a week on Monday, “points” are transferred to the balance.

The cost of each “point” depends of user’s status.

After registration each user receives for 3 months a status (plan) – “free”.
If you have a “free” plan – one “point” equals to 0.005 $.

If you pass the verification, you will receive a “starting” plan for the year 
as a gift. With a “starting” plan – one “point” is equal to 0.005$ .

On the “additional points” page you can watch ads once a day. For viewing,
you get 1 point, which for non-verified users equels 0.005$, and for verified
ones – 0.01$.

You can also earn “points” on the “bonus points” page. Come every one  
hour to this page and get one “point” per view. Each “point” earned  
on the page “bonus points”  is equal to 0.0005$ .

Views on the “additional points” and “bonus points” pages are counted  
only if you have watched the advertisements on the “earning now” page.

You can increase your earnings by acquiring additional “plans” and thus
increasing your status.

Verified users can earn extra money by inviting referrals.
Payment for viewing ads on “earning now” page by every verified referral
– 0.005 $ per day.
For each plan bought by referral – one-off payment of 10% of the cost.
Referral interest is not paid from verification bonus and for viewing
“additional points” page.

              PLANS     VALIDITY DATE   payment per day

“earning now” page

earnings for 365 days payment for referrals

( verified users )

extra payment per week

“additional points” page

FREE        3 months           0.005$       ———————       ———————           0.035$
STARTING           1 year           0.005$              1.82$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
NORMAL           1 year           0.025$              9.12$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
ADVANCED           1 year           0.05$              18.25$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
PROFFESIONAL           1 year           0.1$              36.5$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
MASTERFUL           1 year           0.2$              73$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
CONSUMMATE           1 year         0.4$              146$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$
SUPERIOR           1 year           0.75$              273.75$   0.005$ for 1 view           0.07$