Pay your attention! After completing registration and confirming your email, you will receive an letter in your email stating that you can watch ads on the site. Only after you receive this letter by email, you can earn on viewing advertising.

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How to earn? We pay to users for viewing ads on the site, on the pages “earning now”, “additional points” and “bonus points”. You need to go to these pages once a day and watch advertising on each of them for one and a half minutes. The amount of payment for viewing advertising depends on the status (plan) of the user. After registration each user receives for 3 months a status (plan) – “free”. If you have a “free” plan, for viewing the page “earning now” you get – 0.005$, for the page “additional points” – 0.0005$ and for the page “bonuspoints” – 0.0005$. You can increase your earnings by acquiring additional “plans” and thus increasing your status. Verified users can earn extra money by inviting referrals. Payment for viewing ads on “earning now” page by every verified referral – 0.005 $ per day. For each “plan” or advertising package bought by referral – one-off payment of 10% of the cost.