Interactive earning plans

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Referral system

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Monday-Friday 9:00 – 19:00

How to earn?  Go to the “earning now” page once a day. Wait till the timer ends, enter captcha and press send. Payment for views is made in “points”. For one viewing – one “point”. Transfer of “points” to the “dollar balance” will be carried out once a week, at Mondays. The cost of one “point” corresponds to the “plan” of user. If you have a “free” plan – one “point” equals to 0.005 $, if you have a “normal” plan – one “point” equals to 0.025 $ etc. On the “additional points” page you can watch ads once a day. For viewing, you get 1 point, which for non-verified users equels 0.005$, and for verified ones – 0.01$.You can also earn “points” on the “bonus points” page. Come every one hour to this page and get one “point” per view. Each “point” earned on the page “bonus points” is equal to 0.0005$ .Views on the “additional points” and “bonus points” pages are counted only if you have watched the advertisements on the “earning now” page.